El Hamamsy Marine Services establishes its first survey network in KSA

The first survey company of its kind in Egypt to take this expansion step.

In March 2016, we proudly announced the formation of our first survey associated network in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to be the first Egyptian Survey company to take this expansion step in Egypt. We took the decision of taking this leaping step as a response to our clients’ request to cover their needs in KSA as well as ports in Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait. This has raised our ambition to push our already high customer satisfaction level even further.

Our network in KSA consists of full-time and part-time surveyors who have shown remarkable naval and marine engineering experiences, in addition to full awareness and strong connections with the ports authorities in the area.

Through our associated network, we will be able to align our clients with the best reporting methods and techniques, with high efficiency and a cost alert approach.