P&I Clubs / H&M Underwriters

The only P&I and H&M correspondent in Egypt working as ship agents as well, with the quickest access to all port authorities in Egyptian ports as well as Suez Canal Authority.

Correspondents + Agents
We're the First.

One of the unique benchmarks of El Hamamsy Marine Services Ltd. is that we are the only P&I and H&M correspondent who are ship agents as well. This enables us to have the quickest access to all Egyptian main port authorities and Suez Canal Authority.

Solid In-house Team
20 Years. Clear Track.

We are proud of our own in-house team of qualified surveyors - marine engineers and master mariners, which allows us to render first class services as P&I and H&M correspondents and to be the main correspondent for most Scandinavian P&I Clubs and H&M underwriters in Egypt.

Our involvement in various kinds of operations and casualties over the course of 20 years have enabled us to respond to our clients’ needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.

30+ Casualties
Handled, handled and handled.

We are proud to have handled more than 30 groundings, collisions, pollution matters and casualties, which has enabled us to become experts in

Knowledge. Experience.
Problem Solved.

Even though our approaches vary according to the claim we handle, we usually prefer to adopt the commercial approach to resolve conflicts and handle authority-related issues.

We rely on our experience and knowledge of national and international maritime laws and regulations.

Nonetheless, we take pride in cooperating with several law firms, who have provided useful consultation services in several legal aspects throughout the past years.

Our Principals

We are correspondents, surveyors and work for the following P&I Clubs and H&M Underwriters