The Sea Master

The late Capt. M. Said El Hamamsy

As a graduate of Egyptian Naval Academy, Capt. El Hamamsy had unparalleled experience in driving innovation in the shipping industry on a local and global front, having worked in the maritime sector for more than 40 years.

El Hamamsy Marine Services is a leading shipping agency, P&I and H&M correspondent and international marine surveyors in Egypt.

Founded in 1979 by the late Capt. M. Said El Hamamsy, we have grown to be a distinguished provider of integrated marine services to the local and international marine insurance industry, as well as to various organizations operating in the maritime industry, such as ship owners, charterers, ship management and other international marine surveying companies.

History The Old Days.

Founded in 1979 by the late Capt. M. Said El-Hamamsy with forward-thinking strategic planning and professional capabilities in the shipping and maritime field, El Hamamsy Marine Services Ltd. has now grown to be a leading shipping agency, P&I and H&M clubs’ correspondent and International Marine Surveyors in Egypt.

Originally, the company was widely known for its Marine and Cargo Surveying services in Egypt. Nowadays, El Hamamsy Marine Services Ltd. has earned a strong reputation not only in Egypt but also among its world-wide clientele, expanding its survey network to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), as well as to the capability of allocating its in-house surveyors to Lebanon, Jordan and other Middle East and East African ports, all of which fulfill H&M and P&I clubs’ requirements.

Throughout the years, Capt. El- Hamamsy had proved his company to be an efficient, reliable partner for its local and international principals. Now, El Hamamsy Marine Services Ltd. is a BIMCO member, insured by ITIC and certified by DNV-GL Quality Management System Standard – ISO 9001:2008.

The late Capt.
M. Said El Hamamsy
The Sea Master

After joining the Egyptian, German and Belgium fleets, Capt. El Hamamsy served as Sea Master in the Egyptian fleet from 1974 to 1978, committing foremost to ship management at his disposal, including cargo operations, ships safety and security, crew management and flag state policies.

In 1979, Capt. El Hamamsy had successfully built a reputation of excellence and established El Hamamsy Marine Services Ltd. His philosophy was to offer a comprehensive range of high quality marine services to the wide range of clients, P&I clubs and H&M underwriters.

Capt. El-Hamamsy was visionary and widely known for his extraordinary contribution to the shipping industry. After his passing, his family had taken responsibility for managing the company’s operations, while maintaining the company’s development and success, retaining integrity and following his steps and values.


We look forward to define world-class standards for the marine services industry, allowing our clients, principals and partners to take leap steps towards the achievement of their objectives.


We aim to provide safe, efficient and reliable marine services to our clients, principals and partners through the latest quality standards in the marine services industry worldwide.

Core Values

Team Work

We value coordination, harmony and unity in our working environment to bring greater value to one another, as well as our principals.


We are committed to continuously improving how we serve our customers, partners and employees, by understanding their needs and exceeding their expectations through a culture of creativity and forward thinking.


Honesty and transparency are our key ethics in dealing with our principals.

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